Since it is a matter of course for us to include business-administration, tax-related and international issues into our considerations, we maintain in part long-standing close cooperation relations with experts and involve them in the handling of clients' matters, if required.

Cooperation with Auditors/Tax Consultants

With its competence and experience, our cooperation partner, the tax consultats firm Dr. Meiler & Kollegen, Munich and Regensburg, not only provides reliable assistance in the clarification of individual tax-related questions, but first of all allows us to offer complete solutions - in particular in cross-border transactions - that protect your interests with regard to legal, tax-related and business-administration aspects in the best possible manner. In cooperation with Dr. Meiler & Kollegen we offer information and training sessions on sensitive legal and tax-related matters (such as law relating to hereditary succession and corporate succession).

Cooperation with Law Firms Abroad

For giving our clients efficient advice in matters involving foreign elements, but also for guaranteeing a professional on-site representation of our clients abroad, we have corresponded with renowned foreign law firms for many years; these include among others:

  • Law Firm Strommer • Reich-Rohrwig • Karasek • Hainz, Vienna/Austria
  • Law Firm Niedermann, Zurich/Switzerland
  • Law Firm Lindsay, Keller & Partners, Johannesburg/South Africa
  • Advocat & Procurator Nr. W. Voermann, Amsterdam/Netherlands
  • Advokatskà Kancelària Dr. Majerikova, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Beyond that, the law firm h.d. steichele is a member of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS, a world-wide association of lawyers, as well of the UNION DES AVOCATS EUROPÉENS that provide us with the required contacts within and outside the EU.

We correspond in German, English and French.

It is our aim to provide you with legal assistance world-wide.