Fields of Law / Fees

We offer legal advice to corporations and private individuals in the following fields of law:

Commercial Law

  • Law of contract
  • Commercial and company law, commercial representation law
  • Company law, especially establishment, acquisition and sale of companies, reorganization/merger of companies, splitting of companies and succession to companies, M & A advice and assistance

  • Competition law
  • Commercial rent and leasing law
  • Labour law
  • Insolvency law
  • Law relating to economic offences

Real Property Law

  • Purchase and sale of real property and rights equivalent to real property
  • Real property financing (mortgages, charges on land, usufruct, etc.)
  • Hereditary building law
  • Law relating to compulsory sale and compulsory partition of real property

Inheritance Law

  • Drawing-up of testaments and contracts of inheritance
  • Anticipated regulation of succession by dispositions inter vivos
  • Law relating to obligatory portions of inheritance
  • Distribution of estate and execution of will

Building Law

  • Civil building law
  • Architectural law
  • Public building law and construction planning law
  • Law relating to developers

Environmental Law

  • Law on the protection against pollution
  • Law on waste
  • Law on water

Moreover, we offer advice in the following special fields:

  • European law
    Law relating to food and drugs
    Law relating to wine and liquor
    Arbitration law


Unless a fee arrangement is concluded in an individual case, the fees are calculated on the basis of the Act on Lawyers' Fees of 05 May 2004, which determines fees according to the value of the subject of the matter as well as the extent and significance of the mandate. However, we are ready to offer specific solutions after we have an opportunity to discuss and agree upon type and scope of the services in a personal conversation with the client.